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Floor Drain

We have all done it. This local Boca Raton restaurant poured the grease down the drain.  If you are one of these folks that thinks it's ok to pour grease down the drain, get familiar with hydro jetting. When grease is poured down a drain, at first everything seems normal. However, inside your pipes lies a major problem just waiting to happen. Each time grease is poured down the drain it slowly cools. Causing it to harden inside the pipes. Over time this will build up and create a blockage! Most of the times this is a blockage cannot be cleared with a traditional sewer snake. The best option when done using any grease, fats, or oils would be to place them in a container and throw them into the trash. What is hydro jetting? Hydro jetting is a way of cleaning a sewer pipe using high pressured water. The machine has a long hose with specially designed ends to pressure clean the interior walls of the pipe. This is the safest and best way to clean out a system. The extreme water flow and pressure can clear any clogged line. Jetting is not just limited to grease blockages. It can be used to remove roots, or even descale a cast iron pipe! If you have any questions or are in need of our plumbing services call our office today! LOCATION: Boca Raton FL, 33431 (Hydro-Jetting) CAUSE OF PROBLEM: Heavy grease build-up in sewer lines.   ...

LOCATION: Boca Raton FL, 33431 (Hydro Jetting) CAUSE OF PROBLEM: Repeat Sewer Back Ups. RESOLUTION: There are many ways to go about maintaining your drain system. The original sewer cleaning machine was invented in 1933 by Samuel Blanc. Since then so much has changed and the plumbing industry has many technical upgrades in systems and equipment used to maintain them. one of the most popular methods of drain cleaning is called Hydro Jetting. Hydro jetting is a machine that is used to pressure clean the interior walls of pipe systems. There is no better way to clean grease or a soft blockage in a sewer. The equipment is capable of delivering 4000 psi at 18 gallons a minute. There are even hydro jetters used by municipalities that are larger and more power to maintain the larger city sewers. The sewer cable machine is still used to this day, however, it has its drawbacks. A cable machine can only reach so far where a Hydro Jetter can max out 500 plus feet. The hydrojetter can self propel itself down a sewer pipe. Which means less stress to a plumbers body. The way the machine works is that it has a motor and a pump. Which cause pressure to build up and send water into a high pressured hose. From the hose, it will travel to what is known as the head. The jet head has holes allowing a 360-degree cleaning of the pipe. To find out more information you can visit our main website at www.Rhino-Rooter.com and learn more. We are always here to help in the time of your plumbing needs. If your having plumbing problems or just have some questions call us! We can be reached at (954) 651-3229 in Broward or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach. Thank you for visiting our page. Click here to contact us about your pipe problems. ...

Location: Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304 (Commercial Floor Drain Back-up) Cause of Problem: Commercial kitchen had a floor drain backing up.. Resolution: Restaurants, Banquet Halls, and Schools all share one common thing and that is a kitchen. Commercial kitchens are are large and designed to produce a large amount of food in a timely manner, with a staff of chefs and cooks. With that much production going on in one place mistakes are bound to happen. Such as things spilling on the floor. Good news is there are objects called floor drains located though out the kitchen. The drain is designed to handle spills and things falling on the floor. Even when there is a deep cleaning to the kitchen the commercial floor drain play a large roll in collecting all the dirty/greasy water that is being washed down the the floor drains! If your thinking these drains must have issues from all the debris they handle your guess is right! The commercial floor drain takes tons of abuse day in and day out. So when the floor drain or drains become clogged and do not work properly its a problem. Main problem is sanitation! The good new is we can help. Rhino Rooter was called out to this restaurant for a drain clog. The plumber was able to set up the proper equipment and clear the back-up in time at all! It was a good thing that this customer called us. When it comes to commercial drains or plumbing there is no company more trusted then Rhino Rooter! Contact Us: If your kitchen at home or restaurant is having drainage issues there is no better time to call us then now. We will be glad to answer any questions and schedule an appointment right away! We understand how important it is for everything to operate in tip top shape! Call us today at (954) 651-3229 in Broward or (561)717-8523 in Palm Beach! [caption id="attachment_260" align="alignnone" width="864"] Floor Drain Cleaning[/caption] [caption...

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