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Sewer Repair

Have your drains ever backed up? Or are they draining slow now? Well if your having a sewer back up there may be bigger problems around the corner. This sewer was having repeat back ups. That is the when the customer decided to call Rhino Rooter. When the plumber inspected the line using a sewer inspection camera the culprit was found. The main sewer line had lost it pitch and developed what is know as a "belly". A "belly" is a sag/dip in the pipe that cause waste and water to build up. this may cause blockages as the system can no longer flow properly. In this case the main line pipe that had the problem was located under the concrete slab. The slab was cut out to access the pipes and new PVC pipe and fittings where installed. If your having similar issues call and schedule a rhino Rooter plumber to get to the bottom of your drains today. ...

Location: Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304 (Cast Iron Pipe is Broken) Cause of Problem: Cast Iron Pipe Deteriorated. Resolution: At the time of installation cast iron pipe was the best option for sewer systems on residential homes! Some commercial buildings and high rises are still using it today as per Florida Building Code. When cast iron pipe is broken it will cause lots or issues. Issues include, but are not limited to leaks, clogs, smells, bugs, etc. In the picture you can see a the cast iron pipe is broken on the vertical stack. This was just normal wear and tear that caused this pipe to break! Cast iron pipe is only rated to last 35-50 years down here is South Florida due to our conditions. Some sewer systems may last longer, others may not even make the minimum life expectancy! The key to prolonging life of your system is have caution of what is going down the drains. Avoid any harsh chemicals such as acids! Which maybe found in drain maintenance products/drain openers. This particular job there was water leaking from the wall of this high rise. When the Rhino Rooter plumber started to investigate he found the cast iron pipe is broken! A crack formed and was allowing water to leak out. The drywall was removed and the plumbers began working to remove the pipe. A new section of cast iron was install. PVC could not be used for this application due to requirements in the Florida Building Code. If your having plumbing problems or just have some questions call us! We can be reached at (954) 651-3229 in Broward or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach. [caption id="attachment_266" align="alignnone" width="640"] Broken Pipe[/caption] [caption id="attachment_268" align="alignnone" width="1536"] Cast Iron Pipe Repair[/caption]...

Location: Boca Raton 33428 (Main Sewer Repair) Cause of Problem: Main Sewer line would become clogged and back up into the home due to a broken pipe. Resolution: Whenever there is an issue of repeat backups, good chance there is a bigger problem! Sewer systems becoming clogged is not a normal thing. Your sewer system is designed to not back up. So when there is sewage backing up into your home or business it is best to call out a professional. Many sewer issues may need the main sewer repair. Some just an industrial grade cleaning. More times then not larger problems may be overlooked due to a novice attempting to repair the problem. It is important to have a professional with the proper equipment work in your home or business, and I can't stress that enough! A very helpful tool to the trade is a video inspection camera. This device will allow the plumber to visually inspect the condition and cause of your underlying issues. Without this type of tool its all just guessing. In this customer's instance, the homeowner contacted us due to repeat backups. When the line was cleaned and cleared it was then inspected with a camera. The inspection found that there was a break in the sewer pipe! Lucky it was fixable and the customer was provided with different options on how to they would like to proceed. The customer chooses a conventional excavation repair. The sewer line was dug and exposed. Then the necessary main sewer repair was completed. The pipework was then inspected by the City of Boca Raton. If you have similar problems and would like our opinion please give us a call. You can reach us at (954) 651-3229 in Broward County or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach County. [caption id="attachment_254" align="alignnone" width="640"] Connecting sewer pipes.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_255" align="alignnone" width="640"] Repairing the sewer.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_256" align="alignnone" width="640"] How we secure the work area.[/caption]...

Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida 33308 (Roof Drain Repair) Cause of Problem: Building was having water leaking due to broken drain. Resolution: A leaking roof drain pipe can cause major water damage very quickly. If the drain is left leaking for even a short period of time there is a possibility for mold to grow! By having a roof drain repair or even inspection to ensure there are no leaks may save you thousands in the long run. The design for a roof drain is to prevent water build up on flat roofs. If there was is not a roof drain, you risk the chance of rain water "pooling" up on the roof. The extra water may cause issues with your roof such as it collapsing! Most roof drains will look like a large dome with metal grate to allow rain water to flow efficiently yet block debris such as leaves from entering drainage system. In this particular situation the the pipe was leaking. Which was causing water to enter the building during a rain shower. The customer contacted Rhino Rooter for the roof drain repair. When the plumber arrived they found the 8" PVC by Cast Iron pipe connection was not sealed properly. The plumbers were able to remove a section of the pipe and repair the area quickly and permanently.  If you are having issues with your drains give us a call today at (954) 651-3229 in Broward County or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach County. [caption id="attachment_238" align="alignnone" width="480"] 8 inch pipe repaired.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_239" align="alignnone" width="768"] Hole in connection causing leak.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_240" align="alignnone" width="480"] Testing the roof drains.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_241" align="alignnone" width="600"] Pipe reconnected to the roof drain.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_242" align="alignnone" width="480"] 8 inch pipe repaired and secured.[/caption]...

Location Palm City Florida. Problem Flooded loading dock due to failed sump pump. Resolution Rhino Rooter was called out to a building with a flooded loading dock. When onsite there was over 6000 gallons flooding the parking lot. The water was up to 3 feet deep in some areas. The cause of all the was from a heavy storm that had moved in over night. A sump pump is located in one of the storm basin. The sump pump is to transfer water from the parking lot storm system to a retention pond located on the property. All excess water had to be removed in order to gain access to the pump. Rhino Rooter set up a transfer pump and hoses to remove all water from the storm system and transfer it to the pond. The removal of the water took over 5 hours. Finally the plumbers could work safely. Access was gained to the sump pump and it was found that the float switch was not working properly.  The pump was removed for inspection. Minor debris where cleaned from the bottom of the pump. when every thing was reconnected for testing it was found that the sump still was not working. The pump was removed again and the check valve for the pump was found to be stuck and not opening. The check valve was removed and cleaned. The system was re-installed and tested. All components where working properly at this point. At Rhino Rooter we are not just drain cleaners we can handle all your plumbing needs. Anything from a small leaking faucet to replacing you water heater we are here for you. We specialize in both residential and commercial service plumbing so no job is ever to big or too small. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have a Rhino Rooter plumber  resolve your plumbing issues call us at (954) 651-3229 in Broward County or (561) 717-8523...

Location: Condo building in Hollywood FL, 33021. Problem: Broken sewer stack pipe in wall and ceiling causing smells and a leak. Resolution:  Rhino Rooter received a call to a condo building where there was a bad sewer smell emitting from a few units. There was also evidence of water staining on a bathroom ceiling of a vacant unit. When the plumbers were onsite to investigate the unpleasant aroma, they went from unit to unit to insure that nothing was being over looked and that is when the water staining was found. The ceiling was full of moisture and appeared to have been leaking for sometime. A hole was cut in the ceiling and wall to find a broken sewer stack that was cracked between floors. The plumbers had to remove some fixtures to access the sewer stack via the wall. Every time a sink or shower was being used from the floors above, sewer water would leak from the cracked stack into the wall and onto the ceiling. The section of damaged pipe was cast iron which had become brittle and split on the vertical section which is common as the cast iron pipe life expectancy is only about 40-45 years before problems will occur. Acid based drain opening chemicals sold in home improvement stores will shorten the life of cast iron and may even cause premature rotting of the metal pipe. The cast iron cracked stack was cut out and removed. A new section of cast iron was installed to meet the Florida Plumbing Code. The new cast iron pipe was able to be connected to the existing section and fixtures. The system was tested and all leaks and odors where gone. If you are showing signs of moisture on walls, ceiling, or cabinets you may have a leak, which if not treated and repaired quickly may develop mold which is very dangerous to your health and maybe come very costly to remove. If your suspicious of a...

Location: Office Building located in Boca Raton Florida, 33432. Problem: Repeat sewer backups. [caption id="attachment_137" align="alignnone" width="711"] Sewer[/caption] Resolution: After an office building was having repeat sewer backups and Plumbing Company after Plumbing Company was just showing up to snake the pipe and clear the blockage. The building manager contacted Rhino Rooter to see if there was something else that could be done to prevent the repeat clogs. Once the Rhino Rooter Plumber cleared the pipe, they used a state of the art, sewer video inspection camera that was able to inspect the condition of the pipeline live and in color. The sewer camera was able to show that there was a very large ball of paper towels and feminine products stuck in the pipe. A recorded video (on a thumb drive) was made to be sent to their corporate headquarters out of state so that upper management was able to see the cause of the issues. The plumber removed the blockage and open the pipe to operate with full capacity. The sewer camera is a very important tool for any plumber to have, however very few companies have this type of technology. The camera can remove any guessing of what may be the condition of a pipe's interior. May times a camera may show problems that are able to be resolved before a problem gets out of hand and costly. Rhino Rooter has the ability to record the video feed and create a copy and report for customers as some maybe out of state or for insurance companies that may request documentation there are some companies that may not be able to perform this function. If you have any questions on sewer video inspections or any plumbing, please contact us at (954) 651-3229 in Broward County or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach County....

Location: Apartment Complex in Coconut Creek Florida, 33063. Cause of Problem: Main Sewer backup caused by paper towels and baby wipes. Resolution:  An Apartment Complex contacted Rhino Rooter early on Saturday Morning for a Plumber to assist with a building that was housing 40 plus units that were completely backed up. The Plumber arrived to find that the entire building was clogged with all units on the first floor experiencing sewer backing up into their tubs and showers, yuck! It was the Main Sewer pipe for the building that had become stopped up, which, unfortunately, all of the building drains were connected to. The service tech was able to locate the Main Line Cleanout and snake the drain to get the building sewers flowing again. When the line was cleared, it was found that the line had become clogged by paper towels and baby wipes. Baby wipes and paper towels will not naturally break down in water and become very heavy in the pipes which do not allow them to flow correctly through the sewer system. They will eventually build up and create a blockage. Sometimes they even become very hard to unclog and may require large equipment to handle the problem. It's best to toss anything besides waste or toilet paper into a garbage bin. [caption id="attachment_129" align="alignnone" width="600"] sewer-repair[/caption] Are you noticing your drains running slow? Call Rhino Rooter today and schedule an appointment to have your drains check. You can reach us at (954) 651-3229 in Broward or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach. [caption id="attachment_130" align="alignnone" width="600"] clogged-sewer[/caption]...

Location: A spa in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale Florida 33308. Cause of problem: Shower drain was clogged in spa area from hair and oils. Resolution: The shower drain was clogged due to the lotions and oils used during the spa treatments. These substances are then washed off after the treatments and these items will build up in the shower drain. The drain was snaked with a sewer machine to clear and clean the pipe of the debris. Showers in both commercial applications and residential home with both naturally build up with soap scum, hair, and body oils. Most of these objects will build up and clog in the p-trap of the shower. The p-trap is a “U” shaped drain that is meant to hold an amount of water to prevent smells and bugs from coming up the drain. It’s important to NEVER use any acid based “drain opening” products in your shower drain as this may cause major problems such as pipe separation or eating though the metal pipes. It is always best to contact a licensed professional to handle and of your drain issues. Please call us today at (954) 651-3229 in Broward or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach. [caption id="attachment_96" align="alignnone" width="450"] Rhino Rooter Clears Shower Drain[/caption] [caption id="attachment_97" align="alignnone" width="711"] Bathtub Clog[/caption]...

Location: A residential home in Hollywood FL. Cause of the problem: Main Sewer having multiple backups due to corroded cast iron pipe. Resolution: The customer was having one to two main sewer line clogs a month. Other plumbers had come out, however did not have the proper equipment to locate the source of the issue. Rhino Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services used a sewer inspection camera to find that the old cast iron sewer pipe was showing major signs of deterioration. The old sewer line pipe was excavated, and removed. New Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings where install and inspected by the City of Hollywood. The sewer line was tested to insure the fittings where tight and no leaks or future root intrusion may occur. The pipe was them backfilled to grade and the grass that was removed was put back in place. Are you experiencing sewer backups? Hear bubbling when the toilets are flushed? Or would just like and inspection on the condition of your sewer pipe call Rhino Rooter today at (954) 651-3229 in Broward County or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach County. [caption id="attachment_63" align="alignnone" width="711"] Rhino Rooter Completes Main Sewer Pipe Repair[/caption] [caption id="attachment_64" align="alignnone" width="600"] Rhino Rooter Completes Main Sewer Pipe Repair[/caption] [caption id="attachment_65" align="alignnone" width="600"] Rhino Rooter Completes Main Sewer Pipe Repair[/caption]...

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