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Water Pipe Repair

Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309 (High Temperature Mixing Valve Installation) Cause of Problem: Hotel was loosing hot water due to failure of the mixing valve. Resolution: It is very common in many commercial application to have what is known as a mixing valve. This valve is designed to intake both cold and hot water. Once the water enters the valve it then blends to produce a desired temperature. That blended temp water will then flow to the fixtures to prevent scolding. This allows the hot water produces by boilers to be stored in holding tanks at a very high temperature to prevent bacteria growth. This particular High Temperature Mixing Valve was very large compared to other application that one may see on a day to day bases. The most common mixing valve that everyone has used is a your shower. A single handle shower valve is a small scale mixing valve. The valve that was replaced issue was that it would not allow proper blending. This made the temperatures unsafe for proper usage. Which in return then cause boilers to overload to maintain the demand for the hot water supply. The fixture was isolated by shutting off the ball valves. Which made it possible to be removed with out having to conflict with the day to day operation of the establishment. The new mixing valve was installed using two inch copper pipes. Rhino Rooter plumbers also install union connections for future removal access. Once in place, it was then tested for leaks. The engineering department then set the desired temperature that they required. Which was as simple as turning a screw and reading the thermometer. If you have a plumbing issue or just have some plumbing questions please feel free to contact our office. We are always happy to help. You can reach us at (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach County or (954) 651-3229 in Broward County. [caption id="attachment_230" align="alignnone" width="600"] Looking up at the new Mixing Valve[/caption] [caption...

Location: Boca Raton FL, 33496 Cause of the Problem: Broken Water Line inside condo building. Resolution: On early Wednesday morning Rhino Rooter received and emergency call for a major leak inside a residential building. Plumbers where dispatched out to the location immediately! Once they arrived they were rushed over to the main lobby where water was pouring out from the ceiling, the source was a broken main line. A main water line is what feeds water to the building, its also know as the "building main" or main water line". The plumbers set up ladders to access the area of concern. It was found that the buildings broken water line was a galvanized steel pipe. Galvanized pipe will "rust out" over time. As the pipe starts to deteriorate, the thread connections usually show the first signs of problems. Its common to see the connections of pipe to be rusted. The cause of this is due to that area becomes stripped of its zinc protective coating. The coating is to prevent it from rusting to rapidly. Galvanized pipe was used in the 1960's as a replacement to the old lead water pipes. The Rhino Rooter team was able to locate to the damaged section of pipe. The Plumbers cut out a section of the broken water line and installed a new section of copper pipe. They were able to connect the existing main water pipe to the new copper by re-threading the steel pipe and connecting with dielectric unions. The dielectric union will help prevent rusting, or the two types of pipe materials from fusing together. Once the problem was fixed the water was restored to the building and remaining system was inspected for any other leaks. If you have a water leak or see rusting on your old metal pipes call us at             (954) 651-3229 in Broward or (561) 717-8523 in Palm Beach. [caption id="attachment_191" align="alignnone" width="711"] Water pipe repair[/caption] [caption...

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