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What to do if the floor drain is clogged?

Most people will attempt to plunge the drain which may sometimes work, or use a "drain opening" chemical. You should never use any chemicals that are sold at local stores to attempt to clear your drain. Most of the drain opening products contain acid and may cause major damage to your drain system. The acid may also harm you or your family. Skin contact may cause burning and the fumes alone will cause you to lose your breath. If your floor drain becomes clogged the only attempt you should make to clear it without professional help is to plunge the P-Trap. If you are not properly trained in handling drain machines, you should not attempt to snake the line yourself as you may cause more damage and make for a costly repair. If there is multiple floor drains that are clogged there may be an issue with the main line to the grease trap. There may even be a backup with the grease trap. Both your grease trap and floor drains should be regularly maintained.

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