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What is the best way to clean a sewer?

To answer this question, it would determine on the type of blockage you may be experiencing. In fact, in most cases a professional sewer machine better known as a snake would be able to handle most clogs. A snake is a machine that has a metal rod hooked up to a motor that is designed to break up the clog. They work great on normal paper/waste blockages that occur. They are also able to cut roots that may grow into the pipe due to a break or loose joint on the system. Hydro Jetting however will clean 360 degrees of your pipe to insure everything has been flushed completely leaving nothing behind in most cases. Hydro Jetting offers the best possible way to clean a pipes interior wall.

What are the Pros Vs. the Cons?

A sewer snake will only clear a blockage so that water will drain again. Most snakes machine do not remove 100% of the blockage, and if it's a soft blockage such as grease a snake may not clear the blockage at all. There are many different machines out there and it's important to keep in mind a Plumber is only as good as his tools. With Hydro Jetting the outcome is very different as this machine is designed to pressure clean the interior wall of the pipe 360 degrees. Jetting is the best way to clean and clear a grease blockage as the water aids in flushing out the grease from the system. However, it's not a good idea to Jet a line from inside of a building/home as water may backup out of the drain and cause a flood, only highly trained professionals should ever attempt to do this. Jetting can clear almost any type of clog, but jetting should not be attempted by the do it yourself and you could cause serious damage to your plumbing system or even worse, to yourself.

What is a Jetter?

A Jetter is a machine that is best describe in basic terms as a very heavy duty pressure washer. It will normally have a large tank to hold water, a pump that is design to pump water up 12 gallons a minute at pressures up to 4000 psi. (there are even Jet systems out there that can produce more GPM and PSI then that). There is an engine that runs the pump, and hoses that have nozzles on the end which deliver the water to the pipe. The nozzles very and all depend on the blockage that your cleaning that will need to be used for a particular blockage.

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