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Why Should You Not Throw Those Items Down the Drain?

The items previous listed will cause a kitchen sink to clog or a garbage disposal to jam. The best way to prevent a clog would be to keep in mind that if the substance your washing down the drain will not break down from water then chances are it will aid in backing up your drain line.

What to do with the items listed to prevent disaster:

The best way to dispose of the most common item to go down the drain, which will typically be grease, is to allow it to first cool down then pour it into a container. Then, dispose of the container with the regular trash. For the food items, it is best to toss them directly into the trash and prevent these items from jamming up your garbage disposal. If you don’t have one, then items will become stuck in your P-Trap or even worse, the drain line.

What about Commercial sinks or restaurants?

You may be asking yourself (or own/operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen) “what about restaurants?” Even restaurants should shun pouring grease down the drains. Most will have a large container where the used cooking oil is put into and removed from the location by a company. Depending on the type and size of the kitchen there may be a grease interceptor which is a large or small tank that will capture the majority of the grease before it enters the city sewer. These tanks are then pumped and maintained by septic companies. The floor drains in the kitchen should also always have a cover to hinder dropped food, glass, silverware, straws, etc. from ending up in the drains and causing a backup. Ask a Rhino Rooter Plumber about a maintenance program today!

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