Leak Detection

Sewer Repair.

Sewer Repair

Rhino Rooter Plumbers will diagnose and unclog your kitchen, bathroom sink, tub/shower, floor drains, laundry or main sewer drains quickly, conveniently, effectively and affordably.

What are signs that you have a sewer line issue, and how do you prevent them?

Look For:

  • Sewage smell coming from drains
  • Sewage smell coming from faucets
  • Gurgling noises coming from plumbing
  • Gurgling noises coming from toilets
  • Puddling water within home
  • Puddling water outside home
  • Repeat backups or clogs
  • Roots found when cabled

What can cause sewer line damage?

What does this mean?

These symptoms are key indicators that you have a sewer line issue, and they should be addressed as quickly.

What can be done?

To prevent sewer lines from clogging, be sure to get regular cleaning services and be wary of what is thrown down the drain.

Preventative Action

Also, consider replacing old clay or cast iron pipes with new PVC. If you are facing a sewer line issue, talk to a Rhino Rooter trained plumbing professional.

One of the top causes for sewer line problems are tree roots. This may be surprising, but roots can extend thousands of feet into and across the ground. These roots extend in search of moisture and they often procure it right from sewer lines. Pipes made from clay are especially prone to invasion as they aren’t as firmly secured as Cast Iron or PVC pipes.

Over time the ground will settle, which may cause a shift or movement on your sewer system which will likely cause pipe to lose its desired pitch causing issues such as clogs or backups.

Another common problem that affects all sewer systems is deterioration due to old age. Typical problems include breaks, leaks, channel rot and or cracking. This can occur because of the weakening of your piping system. Eventually it will get to the point where your plumbing will no longer be able to sustain the demands of your home or business.

What are the repair methods for this issue?

One method, which tends to be the most common would be to excavate the sewer line and replace it with new PVC pipe and fittings.

This service involves the implementation of a fiberglass line that is inserted into the damaged pipe to secure leaks and breaks. The water will flow through the line without the worry of leaks, and create an efficient connection for your sewer lines.

This method is ideal for issues when a sewer break arise’s under concrete slabs of your home or business. This method allows Rhino Rooter to replace piping under your home or business without ever having to break open any floors in your home. Ask about tunneling with one of our professional’s today.