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About the photo: There was a major drain back up at the local Goodwill store. We arrived fast and were able to have the line restored within 28 minutes! The sewer system was full of grease, gunk and debris so a traditional sewer cable (snake) wouldn't be sufficient for a permanent repair. Wed used our high-power US Jet Hydrojetter to clear the line.

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On The Job With Rhino Rooter

We love to photograph our jobs around Broward & Palm Beach counties. We run into some pretty bad plumbing problems and want you to see what we can do. If you need plumbiung repairs, contact us here. We can have a plumber out in the same day in most cases.

water main break at a residence in broward county fl

Don’t panic! This residence in Broward County had a burst main supply water line. The homeowner called us in a panic because there was water spraying everywhere. We dispatched our plumbing team immediately and we arrived within 25 minutes of the initial service call. We were able to shut off the water supply and repair the broken pipe underground. Service was restored the same day.

our plumber bo unclogging a massive root intrusion from a boca raton residence

So many roots! We were called out to a home in Boca Raton to clear a clogged drain. When we arrived, we installed our sewer camera to reveal a massive root intrusion that had completely blocked the main line. We were able to quickly unclog the sewer line with our drain snake and restore service for this homeowner.

nishan inspects a sewer main line through the manhole

Sewer repairs done right! Did you know most sewer backups happen because debris and gunk build up inside the line? These problems are an easy fix if you have a high-powered hydrojetter. Our hydrojetter is a very high-pressure sewer cleaniung mvhine that has the capability of clearing any clogged line with ease. The jetter is used when traditional drain snakes cannot completely clear a blockage. If you need help with your line, click here.

City Of Boca Raton LogoWhen it comes to helping our beautiful city of Boca Raton, we jump on the opportunity.  In this recent job, the city of Boca Raton called us out to add a backflow prevention device on a water main supply line. We needed to first remove the city water meter and then install the backflow preventer.

Backflow preventers protect drinking water by preventing the backflow of contaminants into the main water system. These are essential to clean sustainable potable water. Our team has fully stocked plumbing trucks ready to tackle any job large or small. We handle all residential and commercial plumbing work in the city of Boca Raton. Contact us if you need a backflow preventer installed, we can handle the job the same day.

Plumbing Coupons For 2019

Save some cash on your next plumbing repair. We have a few plumbing coupons (below) for you to choose from. You can take $25 off your next plumbing repair, save $75 on a water heater installation or take $50 off a sewer jetting job. The choice is yours.  If you need plumbiung repairs, contact us here. We can have a plumber out in the same day in most cases.

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Boca Raton Plumbing Coupon 2018 Take $75 Off Any Water Heater Re
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Boca Raton Plumber

We offer affordable pricing & fast plumbing services in Broward & Palm Beach counties.

We are Rhino Rooter, the Fast & Reliable NEAT Plumbers. Rhino Rooter is a full-service plumbing company. If you have a sewer backup or you have no hot water, Rhino Rooter is your go-to company. We service all of Palm Beach and Broward counties for both residential and commercial customers. We specialize in hotel and condo buildings for both drain cleaning and plumbing repairs.

You may have tried other plumbers, now try our licensed professional plumbing team for all your repairs and fixture installations. We always stand behind our work no matter how big or small the job. Our goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with all plumbing work that has been performed. We believe that great customer service starts with the phone call and ends with a satisfied customer. We are here to make sure your plumbing problem is solved on the first call. So don’t delay… give Rhino Rooter a call today!

We’re your Boca Raton Plumber. Boca Raton residents save $25 on any Plumbing service. Book a service call today and save money on your plumbing job.


In the video: Nishan explains why Rhino Rooter is the fastest growing Plumbing Contractor in South Florida and why you should choose us for all of your plumbing and drain needs. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews

Drain Backups In Boca Raton

We Handle All Drain Repairs

When it comes to clogged and slow drains there is no one better to diagnosis, clean and resolve all your drainage issues then Rhino Rooter. We use state of the art sewer equipment, provide flat rate prices and have highly trained technicians that are ready to help in restoring your drainage, all the time while being respectful of your home or business. We will educate you on the system and provide you options so that you can make decision on what best will fit your needs and budget. Rhino Rooter, also is capable to perform sewer inspections using cameras to survey the interior condition of your plumbing drainage system and the skill and equipment for sewer line location. Rhino Rooter also offers hydro jetting to clean and remove the most stubborn drain problems. What sets us apart from the competition is we do not just clear your sewer back up, Rhino Rooter cleans your sewer pipe! So, it doesn’t matter if it’s a backed-up kitchen sink, clogged shower, slow draining bathroom sink, or your main sewer line is clogged, Rhino Rooter can handle and resolve it all!

Rhino Rooter Plumbing Boca Raton

General Plumbing Services

Does your toilet run? Or does your faucet drip? Rhino Rooter understands how annoying that sound can be. But even more importantly, we know how much money it could be costing you and increasing your water bill. The average running toilet can use up to 200 gallons a day, that’s about $70-$100 a month, literally going down the drain, not to mention the waste of water and harm to the environment it may cause. Good news South Florida, Rhino Rooter is a full-service plumbing company ready to handle anything from a drip, broken pipe, garbage disposal, re-pipe, replacing a toilet or faucet, and everything in between. There is no job to big or small. Our service vans are stocked with all types of plumbing parts and if we don’t have it on the van then one of your service plumbers will run out and retrieve what’s needed from one of our many supply houses located all over South Florida. We will always be respectful of your home or business. Rhino Rooter provides flat rate prices so you’re not stuck paying a plumber that may be less experienced and takes longer than expected or just trying to ‘milk the clock’. So remember if water flows through it, then Rhino Rooter will do it!

Water Heater Repair Boca Raton

Water Heater Repair

Tired of taking three minute showers because you run out of hot water, or did your water just go from hot to cold right in the middle of a bath. Good chance that there may be a problem with your water heater. Most water heaters life expectancy is between 6-10 years from the manufacture. As water heaters age, there tanks may spring a leak which left unattended may cause major water damage in your home or business. Ask a Rhino Rooter professional how we can help prevent that with a shut off valve. If the tank is not leaking then there is a chance it may be repairable. It’s common that the elements and thermostats may go bad which can be replaced and have you back to having hot water in no time. Rhino Rooter specializes in hot water heater repairs and replacements of all sizes and brands. We will always provide a flat rate price and offer options so that you can choose what will work best for your needs and budget. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call, and speak with one of Rhino Rooter’s live friendly customer service reps today.

Water Heater Repair Boca Raton

Water Leak Detection

If you have noticed a recent spike in your water bill you may have a water leak and not even know it. Most areas located here in South Florida have hard water. Hard water is basically minerals in our water which have the tendencies to cause early corrosion on your plumbing pipes and fixtures. Some leaks are noticed very quickly by showing signs of water in your home or business. Other leaks may be underground and go unnoticed for a long period of time. Rhino Rooter has highly skilled plumbers that specialize in leak detection for both main water supplies and drainage. The best part about hiring Rhino Rooter to find a leak is that we are fully licensed and certified plumbing company by the State of Florida. Which means not only can we find your leak but we can make all necessary repairs to the plumbing as well. Some companies will only offer one service or the other which leaves you with no water till repaired. We will always give you a flat rate price for any work that is performed so you know what it cost before we start. If you have any question on leak detection or any plumbing services please give us a call today!

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